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RTG Online Monitoring is a browser application and runs on smartphones, tablet and any pc. This feature monitors the Trading activity and observes all trader your account has permission to supervise. This Grid is updated with live data in real-time on each webbrowser

Main View

The main view is the starting grid of the monitoring. Here are all currently trading user displayed. You sell all trader monitors combined in one window.

Grouping the Grid

You can set a group by simply drag and drop a column to the headline. The order of the dragged columns define the priority in which the grouping is made.

Setting a Filter

To set a filter simply write it in the filter field right below the column headline.

Column Summary

The individual columns are automatically summarized in the grey field beneath the main grid. The summary reacts to all filter you have set and is also updated live.

Customize Columns

You can select the columns you like to be displayed in with the gear symbol after every headline.

System requirements