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RTG Rismanager allows Risk Manager to monitor and set the risk parameter for several Traders without installing any Software.RTG riskmanager runs on Smartphones, Tablet or any PC.

Manager Dashboard

After the log in you reach the manager dashboard. Here, all data form the supervised trader will be concentrated.


Shows the changes in the Equity of every trader.

Shows the changes in the Equity of every trader combined.br>

Shows the contracts traded this week.

Shows the contracts traded today.


Shows details changes to every traders equity.


Creates an overview for every trader in a defined time span.


Shows all currently superviesed trader.

You can access every trader dashboard with the triangle. You can also access the Risksettings for every trader from here.

Realtime Monitoring

Essential to the Riskmanagment is the Realtime Monitoring. All data from the supervised Trader is displayed here in real time.

To minimize the reaction time in case of a necessary change to the riksettings you can reach the dashboard and the risksettings from here too.


You can set the Risksetings from the Dashboard here.

Function Description
Stop Maximum daily loss (Can set to a positive value to secure profit)
Target Daily target
Currency Sets your currency to EUR / USD
Apply Settings Sends the settings to the AutoRisk client