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RTG Online Reporting with RTG Client

RTG Online Reporting gathers data from the X_Trader® to provide you with a detailed analysis of your trading.
Our RTG Reporting Client logs, process and uploads the data without interfering with the X_Trader® functions and without slowing it down. The accumulated date is accessible in our web portal and can be reviewed with or without the RTG Client. The RTG Online Reporting function works completely independent from the RTG Client and requires only a web browser to access. This enables supervisor and risk manager who have the permission granted by the systems administrator to observe every trader which is equipped with the RTG Client.


After you purchased the Software RTG IT Solutions provides you with your account data as well as a link to our software. At the time of your first log in to the Reporting Website it will download the latest version of RTG Client and install it on your computer (your permission is required). RTG Client will start automatically with your PC and keep himself up to date.

RTG Client main menü

RTG Client is accessible via your taskbar.

Manager contains the administrative functions of RTG Client
Record indicates that the RTG Client logs all trades made with the X_Trader®
Monitor is used to supervise multiple RTG Clients based on granted permissions
Report generates an individual report from the data you specify
generates an individual report from the data you specify
Shutdown closes the application. Trades are no longer logged nor send to the reporting site.

RTG Client Browser Navigation

You can switch between the sites Equity, Monitor, Portal and Report in your browser by using the +/- Button in the top right corner.

RTG Client Manager

The RTG Client Manager is the administrative tool for the software. It shows you to which account you are connected (1). You can Log in to different account (2), set your start Equity and trading Fees (3), get an overview to the upload process (4).You can export your Fills manually (5). It also shows you the connection status to the Reporting Cloud (6), the Event Hub for the Monitoring (7) and to the TTGate (8). After the first start you have to decide which time is used in the reports. You can choose between the time on the server you are trading and the time of your local machine.

RTG Client Login

Log into the RTG Client using your access data.

Client Settings

Log into the RTG Client using your access data.

Once you have made the first trade you can enter the Equity settings and define your starting equity.

Manage Fees

On the settings side you can also define your Broker Fees, Exchange Fees and Transaction Fees.

View Deposit Details

Shows your current Base Equity for every Account.

View Fees

Shows the current Fees for every Product and every Account.

View Priviliges

Privileges shows you all accounts you have permission to observe.


You can change your password here.

RTG Client Equity

Equity shows the changes in your balance. Select the Account, the currency a Timespan. Then hit the work button. The report will be generated automatically.

The report consists of the following charts:

General Overview

Shows the basic details of your account.

P/L overview by day

This table shows the changes in your balance day by day. It also shows you the daily changes to your current balance in percentage.


Shows Profit/Loss by day


Shows the difference between your Deposit and your Equity for every day in your selected timespan. The line in the chart indicates your initial deposit.


Shows the growth of you balance based on your deposit in percentage.

RTG Client Monitor

RTG Client Monitor is used to review all accounts you have the permission to observe. It gives a short summary over the P/L from every account and every product a trader has traded. Account and changes in P/L are displayed automatically and are updated live according to the changes in the market. You can customise the grid by grouping or filtering.

The grey part of the table gives you a summary of the columns above. It reactes to all groups and filter you have set.

RTG Client Report

RTG Client Report generates a customized report from data stored in the RTG Reporting cloud. You simply select the account you like to review, select the currency, define the timespan, and choose the product. By leaving the product empty you choose all products the account has traded. Confirm your selection with the work button.

Performance Report

Average Profit by Hour

Allows you to compare your performance for every hour of the trading day.

Transaction Overview

Fill Overview

Profit by Day Overview

Profit by Contracts



By clicking the filter button you can choose from a list of filter or you can generate your own simply by writing it in the filter column.

Export to Excel

The button on the bottom left side exports the currently selected table to an Excel file on your local machine.


Profit/Loss Graph

Shows the cumulated P/L for the timespan you selected

Transactions (Absolut) Diagram

Shows every transaction you made in the selected timespan

Profit by Day Chart

Average Profit by Day Chart

Profit grouped by Contact Chart

RTG Client Portal

RTG Client Portal provides a summary over your current trading session. It can also be configured to be accessed by a supervisor or risk manager.

General Overview

The general overview provides you with compact information’s to your account. It shows you the traded currency, the Intraday P/L as well as the changes in percent. You also get an update on the changes in your deposit. It shows your current balance in percent of the starting deposit and your current balance in total. The Transaction graph visualizes the changes in your Deposit and displays the P/L for every transaction.

Average Profit by Hour

Current Transactions

Current Open Positions

System requirements

Operating System Windows 7 32bit / 64 bit
.Net Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
X_Trader Pro 7.11.2 or higher
Web browser Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari