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RTG Algotrader recognizes risk early and takes advantage of opportunities. You get the ability to create your own trading system without any programming knowledge.

Key Features

  • Create your strategy by using indicators
  • Create your strategy by using O/H/L/C
  • Multiple Systems simultaneously
  • Multiple Timeframes
  • Multiple Order Types
  • Just drag and drop your technical indicator in the entry , target , and stop field



Plan your strategies before entering the trade
The human emotions are eliminated and the concentration is increased (an automated system can place orders way faster than a human, and will stick to the strategy where a human would hesitate)

Create a System

This window shows the already designed systems and allows you to review, modify and create systems and their parameters

RTG_Algotrader Indicator template

Just drag and drop your predefined indicators as entry, target or stop.


Just use in the formula editor fields entry, target, stop the parameter open / high / low / or close and combine that with mathematical formulas to create your system.

RTG Algotrader main window

Trade with several systems and several products simultaneously

System requirements

Operating System Windows XP Pro.SP3 / Windows 7 (Pro) 32bit / 64 bit
.Net Microsoft .NET Framework.3.5; Microsoft . Net Framework 4.0
X_Trader Pro 7.11.2 or higher
Database Minimum requirement: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition